What Is Amateur Radio?

What Is

What Is Amateur Radio?

Amateur radio is a hobby which promotes self education and communications by radio.

There are many aspects to the hobby, such as building and operating radio equipment, data communications, amateur television, communicating via satellites, radio direction finding, long distance communications and contests.

Each amateur likes different aspects of the hobby, so no two amateurs are the same.


Do I need a licence?

Anyone is free to listen to amateur radio signals. You do not need a licence to listen.

If you wish to go on the air by transmitting without supervision you will need a licence. Before a licence is issued you will need to pass an examination.

The licences are issued by OFCOM, and the examinations are arranged through the RSGB and the club.



You will hear members referring to "callsigns". Each licenced amateur radio enthusiast is given a callsign as part of their licence. This is true worldwide.

In addition, clubs and certain special events are also given a callsign. Our club's callsign is:-MC0RRD "mike charley zero romeo romeo delta".

If you are attending one of our public demonstrations, you may hear us making a radio transmission and saying "CQ MC0RRD". This is an invitation to other stations around the world to speak to us. We don't know who will respond!

More information

If you would like to know more about amateur radio please visit the website of the Radio Society of Great Britain: http://www.rsgb.org (leave this site to RSGB?).

Or come visit us and one of friendly members will answer any questions..

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